New ICare IC200 Tonometer

New ICare IC200 Tonometer

Tonometer with Position Freedom

  • Effortless probe loading with the same probe as for the Icare TA01i and IC100 tonometers
  • The probe can’t accidentally drop from the device
  • Easy menu in many languages
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) printing and measurement transfer

NEW Icare ic200 Tonometer

Trade in offer

Trade in your old working tonometer*** and receive a discount when buying a new ic200 unit

RRP – R64999 ex vat
You will receive R13 099 ex vat off the new unit

Optional extras
Stand – R1199 ex vat
Wireless printer – R3899 ex vat
Valid from 01-02-2019 to 31-03-2019

*** Must be a working unit – please call our offices should you need clarification. The cost of returning the unit is at the purchasers expense and must be at our offices before the new unit will be shipped at a discounted rate.