Akyuz Irrigating Manipulator 8-699

• 0.55mm mushroom manipulator tip
• 22 gauge (0.7mm) curved tube, length 14mm
• 2 side irrigating ports
• Flow rate 19cc/min*
• Round handle, length 108mm
Every phaco surgeon encounters the stress of unresponsive miotic pupillae. Aspirating the cortex remnants is difficult and carries the risk of posterior capsule rupture, especially in patients with diabetes, uveitis, pseudo-exfoliation syndrome and ocular trauma. This new irrigating manipulator works through the side port incision and is designed to allow safer aspiration of cortex remnants in miotic pupillae; while gently retracting the iris to provide a direct and clear view of cortex with nearly spherical knob located in the lower surface of the manipulator, irrigation of the anterior chamber is also possible with holes on both sides. – Dr Ayse Ipek Akyuz UNSAL
*One litre head of water, gravity fed over a vertical distance of one metre through an Irrigation line (diameter 2.5mm). Results are for guidance only.


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