Barrett Dual Axis Toric Marker 9-841-4

• Two dials, one outer and one inner
• Two marking blades
• Marks 0° to 180° in 5° increments
• 45° angled shaft
• Round handle, length 125mm
The Barrett Dual Axis Toric Marker has been developed and designed to be used in conjunction with the toriCAM® app (available on a free download from the app Store on iTunes) to provide optimum axis alignment for the implantation of toric IOL’s.

The dual marker allows for compensation and marking of the ‘true’ horizontal, as determined by the toriCAM® app. The app provides an accurate reference for toric IOL implantation and orientation.

The marker has two dials, an outer to align with the reference axis provided by the app and an inner connected to the marking blades on the underside to mark the recommended toric axis provided by the Toric Calculator.

The outer dial is designed to compensate for any inaccuracies in the horizontal axis marks made on the eye. At each 90 degree point on the dial there are pointers on the outer edge which are aligned with the horizontal corneal limbal marks indicating the estimated horizontal axis.

The toriCAM® app, available from the app store on itunes, enables the measurement of the angle of the horizontal axis marks made on the eye. The app will then determine and display the actual angle of the marked reference axis and the data will be saved and displayed on the phone with the patient’s name and date. The outer dial is then set to this angle to compensate for any inaccuracy of the marks made on the eye.

The inner dial is set to the axis required for the correct alignment of the toric lens and the marker is then used to mark the cornea with the correct axis to implant and align a toric lens.



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