Curved Blade Micro Scissors Head, 23 Gauge 1-842N

• Sharp tipped curved micro scissors
• 2.2mm long blade
• Straight 23 gauge tube, length 31.3mm
• Requires DK Squeeze Handle, ref 6-676
• Detachable tip heads for cleaning purposes
• Colour coding for tip and gauge size identification
• Once attached to round squeeze handle, length is 144mm
The curve allows the blade to follow the profile of the globe for cutting the membrane on the surface.
All Interchangeable Vitreoretinal (VR) Heads are sold separate from the handle. The VR Heads require a handle for operation. ONLY the DK Squeeze Handle for VR Instrument Heads, ref 6-676, is suitable. All VR Heads come fitted with a plastic (PEEK) re-usable Protective Cover, that can withstand cleaning and reprocessing cycles. The VR Heads are screwed onto the thread of DK Squeeze Handle for VR Instrument Heads. It is recommended, for device protection, to keep the plastic re-usable protective cover fitted until the instrument is required for use.


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