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Enjoy microsurgery

With its awarded design, HS ALLEGRA 500 is optimized for surgical procedures in day clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals.


Enjoy the ease

Due to the inclination angle of -30° to +120° and the lateral tilt of +/-45°, deep cavities and narrow canals can be optimally illuminated and examined while HS ALLEGRA 500 always remains balanced. No springs need to be tightened, no knobs turned. The electromagnetic brakes retain the microscope safely in its working position.

High quality

The apochromatic optics provides a sharp and contrasty image for the surgeon at any zoom setting. Due to the large stereo base of 25 mm, a unique depth perception is achieved.

Feather light movement

ln most surgical ENT procedures active assistance is not possible, and hence no stereoscopic observer scope is needed. Therefore HS ALLEGRA 500 is designed to rotate cardanically around its center of gravity in all directions, requiring only minimal force. Two ergonomic hand grips with function buttons facilitate control of the microscope.


Intraoperative filter selection

The microscope contains a filter disk for daylight, softlight, UV protection (yellow filter), blue light (excitation of fluorescence), and green light (better recognition of blood vessels). In addition, two spot diaphragms are integrated against glare.

Possibilities on demand

Depending on the demand, the operating microscope HS ALLEGRA 500 can be configured in a modular way. Various optional accessories are available.

For improved treatment

Especially in ENT applications, CO2 lasers are used and added to the optical head. This often – but not in HS ALLEGRA  500 – negatively influences the movability and the balancing of the microscope. For mounting a Iaser adapter, the turning axis of the microscope is adjustable to retain the full balance.

Compact HD camera

C.MOR HD is a full HD color video camera designed for the HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL microscope. Its ultra-compact camera head houses a 1/3” CMOS sensor that meets very high standards. In its 1 and 3-chip version, images are crisp and sharp. Different user settings allow individual adjustments.

More than just carrying systems

For the carrying system various options arise. These including the choice of illumination (halogen and LED), brakes (electromagnetic or manual) as well as size. Choose your floor stand analog to your comfort and space requirements.

High-tech solutions

Electromagnetic brakes in the floor stands FS 2-21 (halogen), FS 2-23 (xenon) and FS 2-25 (LED) support the smooth movements of the microscope while their shape and internal reinforcements make the floor stands extremely stable against vibrations. A holder for a foot switch can be mounted directly to the column as can trays for camera control units, a high-resolution monitor, or other equipment.

Mechanical Solutions

The floor stands FS 2-11 (halogen), FS 2-13 (xenon) and FS 2-15 (LED) are equipped with mechanical brakes that allow for free-floating movements as well as for stable working positions. The light source is mounted externally for easy access. A tray to carry a camera control unit may be attached to the column. All cables are hidden inside a cable duct.


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