gold lid load

Lid Load Gold Eyelid Weights – Standard and Proportional

A 3-dimensional solution for the treatment of Lagophthalmos


Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., Proportional™ Lid Load gold eyelid implants provide a treatment solution for lagophthalmos, allowing the ophthalmic surgeon customized sizing to incorporate all three
crucial dimensions:

  • Thickness – thinner in the low-weight range for patients with smaller, thinner lids

  • Length – shorter in the high-weight range where length management is essential

  • Width – rounded at the perimeter and corners for improved cosmesis and added width control

All Labtician gold eyelid implants are made from 99.99% pure gold, to create a nontoxic metal
implant that is dense, inert, noncorroding, and biocompatible, and is unlikely to cause irritation
in surrounding tissues.

Available in a variety of weight ranges to customize fit and function for a wider range of patients providing for improved outcomes and enhanced relief:

  • 7 different Proportional™ weights

  • Available in 0.2 gram increments


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