Reinstein Lenticule Separator 6-836-2

• 1.25 x 2.0mm smooth spoon-shaped tip
• 90° curved shaft, tip to angle length 8.5mm
• 0.22 diameter bullet shaped tip
• 60° angled shaft, tip to angle length 2mm
• Round handle, length 114mm
This surgical instrument developed with Professor Dan Reinstein has enabled a surgical technique for SMILE to be performed with one instrument, entering the eye only once through one incision, using only one sweep per plane, and taking about 30 seconds to separate and withdraw the lenticule. This technique minimizes the risk of infection by using only one instrument, inserted only once into the stromal interface. This technique also minimises trauma to the stromal interfaces, improving day 1 uncorrected vision over other lenticule extraction techniques that require more corneal manipulation.


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