Sugiura Ciliary Sulcus Pad Injector 7-818

• Designed for suture fixation of IOL implants to sclera through a 2.6mm incision
• Injector is to be used to position and expel the MANI 1486L needle
• Bayonet fitting allows easy separation of main body and centre rod
• Overall length 129mm
In 1999 Dr Sugiura introduced a new technique to help make suturing haptics of intraocular lens into the Ciliary Sulcus safer and more exact using the ‘Ciliary Sulcus Pad’. The original design used a silicone sponge pad that matched the shape of the Ciliary Sulcus. With the pad positioned at the Ciliary Sulcus, a needle pushed through the pad would repeatedly and accurately pierce the Ciliary Sulcus in the correct position.
Dr Sugiura worked with Duckworth & Kent to develop an injector for inserting the needle, using titanium as the material for the Ciliary Sulcus Pad. The Sugiura Ciliary Sulcus Pad Injector (7-818) simplifies the procedure and uses a material that is safe and widely used in ophthalmology.
Since the width of the Ciliary Sulcus pad is 2mm it can be inserted through a 2.6mm corneal incision. It is introduced into the eye from the opposite side of the point where the needle is inserted. Smoothly moved under the iris, and placed at the Ciliary Sulcus. Pushing the injector plunger the needle passes through the injector pad and the Ciliary Sulcus. The needle is pushed out and injector withdrawn.


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