23 Gauge Vitrectomy Cannula System DK7610

23 Gauge Cannula System, consists of:
• 3 x Instrument Cannulas, ref: 8-640-2
• 3 x Cannula Plugs, ref: 8-642-1
• 1 x Infusion Cannula, ref: 8-641-2
• 1 x Cannula Inserter, ref: 6-190-1
• 1 x Cannula Loading Forceps, ref: 2-2-832
• 1 x Fine Fixation Ring with Caliper, ref: 9-513-3
• 1 x Sterilising Tray, ref: T7003-2
Duckworth & Kent has developed the 23 Gauge Cannula System which allows a range of small incision vitrectomy instruments to pass through the cannula and into posterior chamber. The system permits a complete sutureless surgical procedure through a small incision that minimizes the potential for surgical trauma.


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