General Specifications:

1. Working mode: Non-mydriatic

2. Eye position aid: Alignment dots

3. Observing: Monitor + Anterior LCD

4. Resolution: 12M Max.

5. Field of view: 45 degree

6. Patient dioptor range: -10D to +10D

7. Working distance: F-B 40mm, L-R 120mm, U-D 80mm

8. Horizontal tilting: ±30º

9. Chin rest distance: 70mm

10. Electric-table distance: 200mm

11. Fixation: External LED + Internal target

12. Light source: IR + LED +FLASH


1. Power supply: AC 100V/220V 50HZ

2. Working temperature: -5º, -40º

3. Working humidity: 0% ~ 85%


1. Dimension: 350*550*600mm

2. Weight: 50KGS


1. Image post processing: brightness, contrast, gamma, color, smooth, sharp etc.

2. Focus processing: measuring, marking, patching up etc.

3. Documents management: record, search, sort, report etc.


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