Barrett Nucleus Rotator / Manipulator 6-472

• 0.65mm mushroom style tip
• Angled shaft, tip to angle length 10mm
• Barrett balanced set handle, length 119mm
Multipurpose, eliminates need for multiple hooks and second instruments. Used as a second instrument to facilitate rotation and manipulation of nucleus as cracking. Mushroom style tip minimizes chance of inadvertent damage to capsule while manipulating nuclear quadrants. Used to rotate and dial IOL within capsular bag. In presence of a small capsulorhexis, two manipulators are used in a two handed manoeuvre allowing retraction of capsule or pupil with one manipulator and rotation and dialling with a second manipulator. Manipulator is well suited to retracting iris in an atraumatic fashion, and two manipulators can stretch a small pupil prior to phacoemulsification.