BD 900

Designed for the anterior segment and the ER

The BD 900® is optimized for opticians, optometrists, contact lens practitioners and ophthalmologists specializing in the anterior segment. It is also ideal for emergency rooms. Standard magnification is 10 and 16x times through the flip of a lever placed just beneath the microscope.


Video capability

The BD 900 offers a video port that accepts a small C-Mount camera. The image is diverted to the camera by means of a small prism permanently placed within the microscope.

Filter options

The BD 900 offers:

  • Yellow filter capability for good contrast enhancement when using Fluorescence, simply turn the filter positioned at the front of the microscope
  • A Blue filter that can be engaged through a lever near the lamp housing

Smooth operation

The BD 900® features a smooth to operate instrument base with a continuously adjustable illumination control conveniently located next to the joystick.


With a single support column the BD 900® allows optimal access to your patient.

  • The halogen bulb gives up to 300,000 Lux illuminations.
  • The slit lamp adjusts from 0-14 mm.
  • UV and IR filters are built-in, and blue, red and grey filters can be introduced as needed.

Applanation Tonometer AT 900 C/M

The instrument remains permanently on the slit lamp and can be swung forward in front of the microscope when taking the IOP.

Incredible control and performance

The Camera Module CM 900® is an easy-to-use yet powerful microscope incorporating legendary Haag-Streit technology to take your practice to the next level.


  • FreezeTechnology. High-speed capture the moment you press the trigger, and data transfer.
  • History Trigger. Captures one image, and records the last few seconds in real time so you can return to select the best image.

Creating the perfect team

Combine the CM 900 with EyeSuite™ imaging software, which provides easy image capture, video capture, efficient image editing and a well-structured patient management system—and you have a perfect team for daily practice.

Eye piece for BD 900

Additional magnification, 25x and 40x, can be obtained by adding 25x eyepieces.