BP 900

Advanced microscopy – comprehensive application

Designed for routine practice, the BP 900 is equipped with a modern optical system offering 10 ×, 16 × and 25 × magnifications and imaging capabilities.

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Impressive imaging

Featuring outstanding optics, the BP 900 slit lamp combines Haag-Streit’s proven versatility and mechanical quality with the latest imaging technology, at an exceptional price.  As with all Haag-Streit slit lamps, a Goldmann tonometer – the gold standard in IOP measurement – may be added to the system.

Powerful observation system

A Galilean Microscope with a magnification range from 10 × to 25 × provides the BP 900 with a powerful observation system. The optical excellence and wide aperture allow comfortable and fatigue-free examination even on long working days.

Yellow filter

The yellow barrier filter provides additional contrast to fluorescein images. It can be mounted permanently on the slit lamp and easily inserted or removed as required.

Easy-to-use, optimal imaging

The Imaging Module IM 600 is a fully integrated compact imaging solution for the BP 900 slit lamp. This camera, manufactured by Haag-Streit, has excellent sensitivity, a wide dynamic range and unique ergonomics that provide full control of the imaging process without detracting from the clinical examination. The included EyeSuite software package contains a comprehensive imaging program and permits integration of the BP 900 into a practice network.

Ideal workflow – no distraction

The control panel allows to operate both the camera and the slit lamp illumination. Located in front of the joystick of the slit lamp, it can be used blindly while focusing on the patient. The compact and modern design conforms to the design of the slit lamp. Thus the Imaging Module comes as a component of the whole system, thereby supporting an ideal examination workflow.


Light-source: LED 24 VDC / 1 A for examination (slit and background illumination)
Slit width: 0 – 14 mm continuous
Slit length: 1 – 14 mm continuous
Illumination field diameter: ø 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 0.2 mm, Test mark with fixation star
Slit image rotatability: ± 90°
Swiveling of the slit illumination to the microscope axis: Horizontal ± 90°, vertical 0 – 20°
Filters: Blue, red-free (green), grey (10 %), The UV filter and the heat absorption filter are permanently mounted


Stereo angle: 13°
Magnification changer: 10x, 16x and 25x
Ocular magnification: 12.5x
Range of adjusting eye-pieces: +7 to -7 diopters
Inter pupillary distance: 53 – 78 mm

Instrument base

Operation: Single handed 3-dimensional operation of the control lever
Spatial adjustment of the instrument base: 100mm (length), 100mm (side), 30mm (height)

Electric supply

Class II, type B: Input 100 to 240 VAC (±10%), 50 – 60 Hz, 60 VA, Output 1 24 VDC / 1 A, Output 2 5 VDC/ 200 mA

Working temperature

10° to 35° C


(W x L x H) 312mmx305mmx676mm

Net weight

12.3 kg (without power supply, head rest and options)


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