BQ 900

Greater detail, faster image capture & improved diagnosis

Thanks to its excellent optics, versatility and ease of operation, the BQ 900 has become the standard for those requiring advanced slit lamp microscopy.


Sophisticated microscopy, outstanding performance

Continuing its tradition of slit lamp innovation, Haag-Streit introduced the BQ 900 LED in 2010 as the first LED slit lamp in the world. While the LED illumination allows brighter and more homogeneous illumination, the BQ 900 offers an elaborated optical system, manufactured for the highest-quality requirements. A wide range of optional accessories provide a perfect examination, every time.

Optical excellence

The BQ 900 is equipped by default with a Galilean Microscope providing a magnification range from 6.3 × up to 40 × selectable in 5 fixed steps. The high light transmission and the optical excellence ensure a superb clinical view. The large diameter of the exit pupils allows fatigue-free examination even on long working days.

Stereo variator

By reducing the angle of stereoscopic observation, the stereo variator facilitates the examination of the fundus, peripheral parts of the retina and the vitreous, even under unfavourable conditions such as high myopia and small pupils. The reduction of the angle enlarges the stereoscopic field of view, maintaining depth information in the stereoscopic observation.

Intuitive imaging – best results

Since electronic documentation and patient education are on the rise, every eye care professional has the need for imaging. As the leader in slit lamp imaging, Haag-Streit is meeting this need with the introduction of two new imaging systems – the IM 600, a more basic, and the new IM 900, a very sophisticated version. With both solutions Haag-Streit sets new standards in digital slit lamp imaging.

IM 900 – outstanding image quality

Equipped with an ultra-sensitive camera, the IM 900 produces images of exceptional quality even under difficult light conditions. Thanks to this sensitivity patient comfort is improved significantly as it is easily possible to record findings without excessively dazzling the patient. Like any professional camera, the IM 900 is equipped with depth of field control, which allows to adjust the camera ideally, regardless of the location of the pathology.


Light-source: LED for examination (slit and background illumination)
Slit width: 0 – 14mm continuous
Slit length: 1 – 14mm continuous and fixed apertures
Illumination field diameter: ø 8/5/3/2/1/0.2mm
Slit image rotatability: ± 90°
Swiveling of the slit illumination to the microscope axis: Horizontal ± 90°, vertical 0 – 20°
Filters: Blue, red-free (green), grey (10%) and optional yellow


Ocular magnification: 12.5×
Stereo angle: 13° (convergent optics)
Range of adjusting eye-pieces: +7 to -7 diopters
Pupil distance: 52 – 78 mm
Magnification changer: 6.3×/10×/16×/25×/40×
Object field ø in mm: 32.0/20.0/12.7/8.0/5.1

Instrument base

Operation: Single handed 3-dimensional operation of the control lever
Spatial adjustment of the instrument base: 100mm (length), 100mm (side), 30mm (height)

Measures (W x L x H)


Net weight

12.7 kg (without power supply, head rest and options)