Calladine-Inamura Flat Handle Capsulorhexis Forceps, Corneal Incision 2-2-716G-9S

• Pointed serrated interlocking tips
• Curved shaft, tip to pivot point 10mm
• Cross action tips, 1.5mm width at pivot box
• Marks on shaft at 2.5mm and 5mm denote desired size of capsulorhexis
• Tips angled 45° to handle
• Short flat handle, overall length 91mm
Utilising the smooth action of the Inamura cross action capsulorhexis forceps, the new Calladine-Inamura Capsulorhexis Forceps incorporate a visible scale marked at the functional end of the tips that denotes the desired diameter and radius of the capsulorhexis. The surgeon can repeatedly measure the size of the capsulorhexis using the forceps within the anterior chamber. It has been found that measuring on the cornea surface overestimates the actual size of the capsulorhexis when measured within the anterior chamber by up to 20%. The cross action design means that the forceps are 1.5mm wide at the pivot point which enables a greater degree of movement within the incision.


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