Cionni Femto Speculum 9-585-1

• Angled to rest temporally
• Self-locking mechanism prevents speculum from closing during procedure when patient blinks or squeezes
• Blades 13.5mm wide
• Single piece design with adjustment gives continual efficient and reliable operation with repeated uses
• Additional length to upper part of blade is angled up in order to retain or hold back the cheek and upper lid skin without pinching into the tissue
• Suitable for femtosecond laser
• Designed by Dr Cionni specifically for the LenSx® Laser LenSx® is registered to Alcon LenSx Inc
Thumb plates are pressed together to open and capture lids. Crossing arms lock at four positions to accommodate various size palpebral fissures. Pressing thumb plates further releases locking mechanism, allowing surgeon easy removal of speculum. Releasable without opening to fullest extension, providing comfortable removal even in patients with small palpebral fissures.