Cionni Toric Reference Marker 9-840

• 3 blades, radial marks
• 10mm inside diameter, 15mm outside diameter
• 70° angled shaft
• Round handle, length 124mm
The Cionni Toric Reference Marker (ref: 9-840) is used to mark the horizontal and vertical reference meridians. It is imperative to identify these meridians because they will be used to further identify the desired meridians for the incision and IOL alignment. The reference marks should be identified with the patient in an upright position as the eye typically rotates when the patient is supine. After applying a drop of topical anesthetic, the marker’s dull “blades” are coated with a marking pen. With the patient looking straight ahead, the marker is held so that the horizontal blades are aligned with the patient’s 0 and 180 meridians. The marker is moved forward towards the eye so that the three blades touch the limbus at 0, 90 and 180 degrees. The patient is then prepared for surgery.