Rudolf Container

RUDOLF Container Systems Basic or Prosafe – The choice is yours!

The benefit of the Prosafe version for the Half, Medium and Full Size Containers
is the safety lid, which offers additional security concerning contamination
during storage and transportation.



The new safety lid design with the external
press-button enables a simple detachment of the safety lid from the filter lid
and offers therefore a secure handling of the sterile goods.

1. The ergonomic and well balanced handles of the RUDOLF Containers
allow a better distribution of the overall weight of the container and improve
therefore the handling. The silicone sheath on the handles facilitates a secure
grip and prevents the user from the risk of burns.

2. The special spring latch of the RUDOLF Containers provides a fail-safe
lock between the container bottom and the lid. It allows overpressure,
which occurs during sterilisation, to be released, and prevents therefore
deformation of the container.

3. The filter attachment inside the lid can be fixed with a light contact pressure
onto the middle of the filter and by activating the latch it can be detached
again from the lid. The clicking sound, which can be heard during latching
and unlatching, offers additional security.