CTA-100 Digitial Eyepiece Adapter

CTA-100 Eyepiece Adapter converts smart phones into professional digital eyepieces for the traditional optical Instruments. Just attach the equipped smart phone to the slit lamps, microscopes, telescopes, Spotting Scope, Binocular or Monocular etc. With built-in camera app, you can take sharp images, capture videos, and then share all information via email, SMS, twitter, facebook.



1. Adjustable support case dimension makes it available for the most mainstream smart-phones. The sizes of the smart-phones can be from 4” to 5.5”.
2. Ultra-durable Polycarbonate plastic.
3. Fast Installation, Easy Operation
4. Send out high-res images directly from your phone via email, SMS, twitter or 3rd party apps.
5. It is designed to work with eyepieces that are 1in – 1.8in in diameter (25mm – 45mm).
6. Silicon sizing bands are included in the case to fit for the smaller diameter eye-pieces.
7. Work with Slit Lamp, Microscopes, Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting scopes and other Optical Instruments.