CTS-20 Corneal Topographer

Corneal Topography System is computer-assisted diagnostic equipment that used to map the surface curvature of the cornea. It is a major advancement in corneal analysis. First, digitize the testing results with 

computer software to produce a visual description of corneal shape; second, using different colors to 

identify different peripheral corneal surface conditions; third, guide the process of contact lenses fitting; 

Four, assist the ophthalmologists to evaluate some corneal refractive eye surgery. The non-contact testing method ensures the process is brief, beneficial and reliable.

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Corneal Indexes

This window shows different corneal indexes, like eccentricity, asphericity and shape factor

Also include the KISA index algorithm for keratoconus detection.

View Eye

You can see the whole cornea and measure using rectangle, oval and line shapes by clicking over the image and dragging the mouse.

Measuring image

Placido head 20 rings and 6344 measuring points.

Maximum measuring area: 10.6mm in 43 Diopter.

Corneal Maps

Axial, tangential, elevation and refractive maps in normalized, absolute, numeric and adjustable scales

Select the grid, rings, keratometric and pupil data

3D Maps

3D corneal maps and 3D corneal indexes

You can change the perspective angle by dragging the mouse both vertically and horizontally.

Multiple Maps

4 different corneal maps are available

Full Database

It allows classifying the records of the patients by in-group mode.

This is convenient either for pathology or for the topographer’s operator to classify the patients’ information.

Printing Topographer Report

It allows you to print the current map displayed in the Corneal Structure screen.

In the topographic report, it includes the keratometric corneal profile and analytical data


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