Diagnostic Lenses

Haag-Streit contact lenses

For absolute certainty – don’t go for less than a Haag-Streit product


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The range of Haag-Streit contact lenses were developed largely in conjunction with Prof. Goldmann and are designed for an optimal examination of the eye with the slit lamp. They are valuable diagnostic accessories which have proven use in ophthalmic clinical practice and research.

Contact lenses 903 and 903 S

The established Goldmann contact lenses series for examination of the entire ocular fundus and the iridocorneal angle. The 903 and 903 S lenses are the classic Goldmann lenses – the S in 903 S indicates that there is a scleral flange which serves as a eyelid block. They can be used with Sterycup – best to prevent the transfer of prions between patients.