Haag-Streit Reliance 6200 Exam Chair

Efficient operation from any angle

The Model 6200 is designed for efficient operation from both sides of the chair. Its ergonomic design facilitates contact with the patient and eliminates wasted movements.


Ergonomic Features

– Reliance chairs are engineered for efficiency and your comfort.
– Small footprint allows for increased patient access.
– Powered hydraulic base with counterbalanced manual recline.
– Dual side controls eliminate the need to reach over a patient to access instrumentation.
– Rotation locks allow you to swivel chair 330 degrees from both sides.
– Armrests lock in place and release for easy patient access and security.
– Headrest adjusts with a single hand and locks into place. Pillow and alternate headrests also available.
– Large hinged footrest supports patient’s full weight for safe ingress and egress.
– Detached footswitch permits hands-free operation of chair base function.
– Recline from either side of chair

Headrest Options

Customize your chair with headrests that suit the types of exams and surgeries you perform. Available headrests for this chair include:

  • No. 18 Concave Fully Adjustable, which is the standard headrest for thismodel, and is used primarily as a diagnostic headrest in ophthalmic and ENT fields
  • No. 10 Stationary Pillow, which is primarily a surgical headrest in the ophthalmic and ENT fields
  • No. 20 Articulating Surgical, which is primarily a surgical headrest in the ophthalmic field
  • No. 11 Articulating Pillow, designed forthe ophthalmic and otolaryngology fields.
  • No. 21 Articulating Pillow, which is used as a diagnostic and surgical headrest for ophthalmic and otolaryngology
  • No. 22 Oversized Concave, which is fully adjustable, and primarily used in otolaryngology