HS Allegra 30

HS ALLEGRA 30 is optimized for dental surgery and ENT examinations. Its apochromatic optics provides perfect color fidelity, strong contrast,  and high resolution. The large stereo base of 25 mm results in an exceptional depth perception.

Factory-preadjusted mechanical soft-glide brakes provide extremely high movability of the microscope with only minimal force and safe stability in the working position. A 5-step magnification changer and a fine focus adjustment are integrated in the HS ALLEGRA 30. For better access of the assistant on the left, the microscope arm is mounted at the right side.


Options, light & accessories

With the support of two ergonomic handles HS ALLEGRA 30 rotates cardanically around its center of gravity. This construction provides permanent balance of the microscope.

As a standard HS ALLEGRA 30 is equipped with a fix 60° eyepiece head. This, however, can be disassembled. By removing the 60° adapter, a straight 0° view is possible – e.g. for ENT procedures. The 60° adapter contains a rotatable ring to move the oculars into a horizontal position even when the microscope is tilted sideways. Additionally, the standard eyepiece head can be exchanged by a 160° inclinable one.

The inclination angles of -55° to +95° and the lateral tilt of +/-45° provide optimal illumination and recognition of deep cavities and small canals.

For coobservation the high resolution touch screen M.DIS can be mounted to the microscope arm where it will not affect the balance. M.DIS allows intraoperative viewing and controlling of video recordings and snapshots.

Optionally, an integrated video camera (1 CCD) can be delivered. This reduces the length of the microscope and makes cleaning easier. Small cameras like our C.MOR HD may also be mounted externally.

Intraoperative Light Management

HS ALLEGRA 30 contains a filter disk for daylight, softlight, UV protection (yellow filter), blue light (excitation of fluorescence), and green light (better recognition of blood vessels). In addition, two spot diaphragms are integrated against glare.

An additional UV filter may be switched in to protect the surgeon’s eyes against damage during UV hardening of the filling material.


C.MOR HD is a full HD color video camera designed for the HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL microscope. Its ultra-compact camera head houses a 1/3‘‘ CMOS sensor that meets very
high standards. With a resolution of 900 TV lines and an S/N ratio of 500 dB images are crisp and sharp. Different user settings allow for individual adjustments.


With its flat design and the size of 21.5“ the brilliant HD monitor C.MON HD can easily be attached to the microscope‘s floor stand. Its touch function can be operated even with medical gloves. Due to the planar screen and glass surface it can be disinfected easily. For the safety of the system C.MON HD is fully approved for medical use.


MIOS stands for Microscope Imaging and Operation System. Its prime functions are recording of operation scenes, capturing and recording of snapshots, together with proper identification of patients’ and hospital data. Images and video streams can be stored on DVD-R/-RW, HDD, USB flash drive, and external USB hard disk drive or transmitted to the hospital PACS via DICOM.


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