Movability at its best

With its awarded design, HS ALLEGRA 50 is designed for examination and small procedures for ENT in doctors’ offices and hospitals, where speed and flexibility are decisive factors.


Enjoy microsurgery

The microscope rotates cardanically around its center of gravity, thus providing optimal movement with minimal force in all directions.

High quality optics with large aperture result in an exceptionally bright image for the surgeon. For magnification a 5 step changer is integrated.

Perfect vision

The apochromatic optics provides sharp and contrasty images at any magnification. The large stereo base of 25 mm results in an exceptional depth perception and 3-dimensional vision.


Configured to work

As a standard, HS ALLEGRA 50 contains a front lens of 250 mm working distance, and a fix straight eyepiece head. Various front lenses up to 400 mm working distance and a 160° eyepiece head (10x) are available, too. Due to this configuration, the microscope is also well suited for throat procedures and examinations.

Designed to move

Due to the inclination angle of -30° to +120° and the lateral tilt of +/-45°, deep cavities and narrow canals can be optimally illuminated and examined, while HS ALLEGRA 50 always remains balanced. It is an ideal tool for ENT procedures. No springs need to be tightened, no knobs turned. The mechanical brakes retain the microscope safely in its working position.


Possibilities on demand

Depending on the demand, the operating microscope HS ALLEGRA 50 can be configured in a modular way. Various optional accessories are available.


Best control of the camera image and additional opportunities for observation are provided through monitors. Those may be mounted directly to the microscope head to serve the surgeon and the assistant  (M.DIS) or on the floor stand for further staff (C.MON HD).

Compact HD camera

C.MOR HD is a full HD color video camera designed for the HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL microscope. Its ultra-compact camera head houses a 1/3” CMOS sensor that meets very high standards. In its 1 and 3-chip version, images are crisp and sharp. Different user settings allow individual adjustments.

More than just carrying systems

For the carrying system various options arise. These including the choice of illumination (halogen and LED), brakes (electromagnetic or manual) as well as size. Choose your floor stand analog to your comfort and space requirements.

Mechanical solutions

The floor stands FS 2-11 (halogen) and FS 2-15 (LED) are equipped with mechanical brakes that allow for free-floating movements as well as for stable working positions. The light source is mounted externally for easy access. A tray to carry a camera control unit may be attached to the column. All cables are hidden inside a cable duct.

Big in small spaces

For only little space in the operating room, doctors’ offices, and systems with few accessories, HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL offers the floor stand FS 1-12 with mechanical brakes and two 150 W halogen light bulbs with a quick switchover mechanism.


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