Jacobs Descemet’s Membrane Punch 7-106

• Designed to punch 1.2mm x 0.85mm
• Squeeze action activates shaft to punch
• Round squeeze handle, length 118mm
Key features of the design are: 1) This punch is recommended for phaco-trabeculectomy and primary trabeculectomy with reasonable peripheral anterior chamber depth including plateau iris. 2) Scleral tunnel punch for use with iridectomy or scleral sutures. 3) Anterior chamber should be deepened with chondroitin sulphate. 4) Chisel profile of leading edge allows easy entry into the scleral tunnel. 5) Long narrow shaft allows passage through tunnel without wound distortion. This prevents anterior chamber shallowing and risk of injury. 6) Angled blade profile allows secure engagement of deep anterior tunnel edge. 7) Position of tip remains steady during activation of punch. This avoids snatching and improves stability. 8) Viscoelastic should be left in the anterior chamber. 9) One piece construction avoids improper or loose assembly.
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