K-LED II Practice Light System Keeler-Fit (2 Batteries & Twin Charger Tray)

Keeler K-LED gives 18000 lux of homogeneous white light and is fully portable.

The 3W LED is mounted coaxially on the loupe* bar and is powered by a lithium battery pack giving 4 hours continuous use.

The K-LED comes with two battery packs and a charging unit that can hold and charge both packs simultaneously, as well as being a convenient container to keep loupes when not in use. It can be retrofitted to all Keeler loupes. Available in either a standard Keeler loupe fitting or a universal loupe fitting.


  • LED light system
  • 2 x lithium battery packs
  • Desktop charging Unit
  • Transformer

*Loupes and Frames must be purchased separately

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  • LED technology 18000 lux
  • Retrofit to all Keeler Loupes
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack
  • White Light