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15.6 inch color TFT display Multi parameters Patient Monitor;      
A variety of display interfaces: large font, standard, full lead, respiratory oxygen, blood pressure trend; Built-in rechargeable battery, work for 2 hours(more)


  • High resolution 15.6 ” color TFT display
  • 12 Channel waves.9 Parameters : ECG, Resp, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP
  • Light weight, compact and portable
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 
  • Unique human voice alarm
  • Rich screen layouts: Standard, Big font, Trend table, NIBP trend, ECG full lead, OxyCRG, IoC Layout
  • Powerful storage: Maximum 720 Hour graphic and tabular trends of allParameters, up to 10000 NIBP review ,200alarm review ,2Hours of all waveforms
  • System software can be upgraded through network
  • Data and waveforms color be adjustable
  • Arrhythmia analysis and ST segment analysis
  • Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patient


  • Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP)
  • Carbon dioxide ( CO2) Module
  • Thermal Printer
  • Touch Screen
  • Three display output: TTL / CMOS LCD, LVDS LCD and standard VGA output
  • Built-in Wifi

Central Monitoring System:

  • Up to 64 bedside monitors connectable
  • Display of holographic waveforms of the view bed of single bedside monitor; display of ECG,. RESP, CO2, PLETH,. BP waveforms and so on
  • Alarm manage: parameter alarm events for each bedside monitor:S-T segment alarm events; arrhythmia alarm events
  • Alarm prompt modes: sound and light wave, Storage and review of 24-hour and 64-lead holographic waveforms
  • Storage and review of up to 240-hour trend data for each bedside monitor
  • Storage and review of u to 720-item alarm events for each bedside monitor
  • Review of five parameters and 6 minutes short trend for each bedside monitor
  • All the review information will be stored under off-state
  • Display of continuous multi-lead ECG and single-lead arrhythmia analysis for each bedside monitor
  • Trend records and alarm records can be output according to certain format.


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