R J Mackool™ Toric Axis Marker 9-841-3

• 2 rotating blades, radial marks
• 9mm inside diameter, 12.8mm outside diameter
• Marks 0° to 180° in 10° increments
• 3 non-marking reference blades
• 45° angled shaft
• Round handle, length 127mm
• US Patent No. 9,011,470
The R J Mackool™ Toric Axis Marker features an easier to operate pre-settable dial. This permits the technician, operating room nurse or surgeon to precisely set the instrument dial within seconds, as opposed to the cumbersome alternative of turning the instrument over to view the marking blades on the bottom of the instrument, while simultaneously attempting to grasp and align them with the gauge on the top of the instrument. A unique blade design retains dye, permitting the cornea to be marked with the lightest of touch, and all blades extend 1 mm from the diminutive dial where they are easily observed during the corneal marking. The rounded edges of the marking blades prevent abrasion to the cornea during the marking manoeuvre, and their extension well beyond the diminutive central portion of the marker permits the surgeon to see the blades as they are placed at the preselected meridian.


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