Scott Femto Chop 6-071

• Curved, smooth round tip
• Tip to angle length 10mm
• 45° angled shaft
• Round handle, length 120mm
• 0.45 constant diameter shaft to reduce leakage
Designed for the lens that has been femtosecond laser treated and is being removed with zero or little ultrasound power. Scott Femto Chop Technique and Scott Endolenticular Viscodissection involve segmenting the lens along the femto segment treatment lines and then using the curve of the tip to manipulate the segments into the central anterior chamber. The curve also avoids inadvertent damage to the capsule. While removing the segments, the curve of the chop is placed in close proximity to the phaco tip and protects the tip from contact with the capsule. The shaft of the chop is a consistent diameter and helps control fluid egress, helping to stabilise the anterior chamber.


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